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Podcast Features 

Wealth In Christ  is a Christian brand inspiring the masses to live spiritually and financially free. It provides insight into how individuals can increase wealth without comprising their faith in Christ. This feature of the Nkama sisters explores their beginning, their faith as well as their journey in establishing their brand.  Click here for the full Wealth In Christ Video




Magazine Features 

  • InnerVision Magazine is a magazine that celebrates community success and highlights spotlight achievements. This issue celebrated young entrepreneurs and their hard work despite struggles and the devastation of the global pandemic.


  • She is E Magazine is a digital women's magazine that displays relevant news highlights and showcases the notable achievements of Women of Color.




 Social Media Features

  • Women For The Culture is a platform that creates safe spaces for “the underdogs” and "highlights today's female culture shakers". An IG live of the Chidi Fashions brand dug a little deeper into the lives of the Nkama sisters as well as the future they hope to create. 



  • TapIntoSomeGood is a online initiative ran by Kiara Holt that connects with bright minds from upcoming businesses to discuss style and the importance of taking advantage of amazing opportunities. Her summer series is focused on connecting, reflecting, and sharing how business platforms tap into Good! To view more, click here. 



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