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Chidi Fashions is a fashion company owned by three Nigerian sisters. According to the Nigerian Igbo tribe, CHI-DI means God is present. Our foundation is found in our deep roots in faith and pride in the African heritage. As immigrants in the United States, we experienced significant limitations in our pursuit of the American Dream, so we created our own path. We are a physical testament that if you want something bad enough, believe in it, persevere through setbacks, and never give up, it will happen. When you wear CHIDI, we want you to feel inspired to pursue your dream, empowered to see untapped opportunities rather than limitation, and be strengthened by our story to rewrite yours. We are women whose roots run too deep to give up. If we are doing it with less, you can too. Join our CHI~FAM, a family of strong, united, fearless, and relentless individuals.


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